Why Basin ?

Basin Mechanism

Through a unique set of algorithms and governance protocols, BAI maintains its peg to the U.S. Dollar, providing users with a trustworthy and scalable medium of exchange.

$BAI Stablecoin

BAI, as a product of Basin DAO, symbolizes a significant step forward in the creation of decentralized financial products that align with the evolving needs and expectations of the global financial community.


Extremely talented developers with experience in auditing smart contracts have built Basin. We will also have top auditing firms review all contracts before going live.



Launch a fundraising campaign to secure the necessary resources for project initiation and development. Funds raised will be strategically allocated to ensure a strong foundation for the Basin Protocol.


Once the public round reaches a significant amount of funding, we will execute the official launch of the Basin protocol and launch the $BAI stablecoin. This launch will mark the beginning of a new era in the Basin chain.

BAI Narrative

After a successful launch, our focus will shift to expanding the presence of $BAI within the Base ecosystem. We will also explore opportunities to extend $BAI to other protocols to increase its utility and value.


As the Protocol gains traction, we will continue to enhance its stability and utility by introducing new collateral. We will attract a broader range of users and grow the TVL in Basin Protocol, fostering a strong and sustainable ecosystem.